International Power Generation & Turbomachinery Exhibition & Conference

2- 5 March 2018 / Iran - Tehran


IPGTEC aims to create a foundation and platform to discuss solutions for advancing future of the power industries in Iran and the whole region.


Iran's power generation sector is moving towards one of the world's most modern power industries. It is one of the largest power sectors in the Middle East, with a rapid forecasted annual growth rate, which needs a quantum jump in all aspects and sectors related to power generation including digital and technological techniques in collaboration with other developed pioneers of the field.

Today's world of communications offers a significant amount of modern strategies to cope with the inevitable challenges in this regard. Specialized exhibitions are undoubtedly known as the most effective platform for enhanced collaboration.

IPGTEC, owned by P.G.PERGAS, is a specialized international exhibition of power organized by ‘PERGAS Events and Rahpouyan Eghtesad Pasargad’, in cooperation with power generation sectors and turbo machinery industries.


The Exhibition

Additionally, like other globally well-structured commercial events, IPGTEC opens a new path for emergence of technical solutions/services as well as a platform for local and international suppliers, service providers, and end-users. Indeed, there are several reasons that make IPGTEC logically an advantage; which are:

  • This is an exclusive Exhibition in power generation and turbo-machinery participated by authorities and organizations of the Iranian power sector (and neighboring countries) with a high demand to attract the newest advancements on the field and offer an opportunity to expand
  • Turbomachinery industries in Iran have achieved significant growth over the years. However, Iran and the region also require technical and operational promotion which is achieved through global commercial relations emerged from international events such as IPGTEC.
  • Being part of IPGTEC allows companies to benefit the opportunity of a face to face contact with the authorities of the field while making great scope of future commercial interactions provided by emerged markets.


Side Event Sessions

IPGTEC benefits all aspects of a holistic approach to an international professional event. In addition to the emerged market place resulted from the international trade show, IPGTEC provides other specialized services listed below:

  • Free to attend Keynote, Plenary and Side event sessions
  • 3 full days of technical workshop sessions
  • Unrivalled networking opportunities and more


Exhibitors Benefit

IPGTEC is a platform in which power industry meets the flow of information on modern power generation and achieved technological advancement. It also provides an opportunity for experts to discuss the newest findings and exchanging ideas on eco-friendly approaches of power generations as well as potential challenges.

Since power generation and turbomachinery fields are tightly intertwined, any development in power sectors requires promotion of turbomachinery advancement. Hence, introducing the world’s scientific and technological developments, IPGTEC is also recognized as the must-attend event for turbomachinery professionals.

Providing a large trade show of power equipment and services as well as newest achievements on turbomachinery, IPGTEC is a great opportunity for domestic, regional and overseas pioneer suppliers, and service providers.  This will largely benefit the end users across the neighbor countries power generation sectors.


Visitors can benefit from IPGTEC through:

  • Meeting the new technological and engineering development
  • Getting updated with the newest trends in the industry
  • A great opportunity provided by efficient, highly performed and environmental friendly advanced technology and machinery
  • Finding new markets including decision makers
  • Face to face interaction with industrial peers and professionals
  • Attending the technical workshops presented by pioneers of the field


IPGTEC is Iran’s leading power generation forum that brings together international and domestic business pioneers and technical experts dedicated to strengthen up a power.


Opening Days And Times

Official opening times for IPGTEC 2018:

  • Friday, 2nd Mar
  • 9:00AM - 5:00PM


  • Saturday, 3rd Mar
  • 9:00AM - 5:00PM


  • Sunday, 4th Mar
  • 9:00AM - 5:00PM


  • Monday, 5th Mar
  • 9:00AM - 5:00PM


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